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Troubleshooting Methods of Plastic Bag Making Machine

plastic bag making machine

A plastic bag making machine is to make a variety of plastic bags or other materials of packaging bags machine, its processing range for a variety of sizes, thickness, and specifications of plastic bags or other materials, generally speaking, plastic bags as the main product.

1. When the plastic bag making machine starts up, the stepping motor has an abnormal sound, so the film can not be fed.
Treatment methods:
(1) Check whether the main motor is turning correctly and adjust it to the correct direction indicated by the arrow.
(2) Whether the stepper motor driver shows fault, turn off the main power supply and re-energize to restore normal.
2. During the working process of the plastic bag making machine, the size of film feeding is different. The size of material feeding is more than 5mm shorter than the pre-adjusted size.


Troubleshooting Methods of Plastic Bag Making Machine-Wesson Machinery (Huai'an) Co.,Ltd.
plastic bag making machine

Treatment methods:
(1) Poor sensitivity adjustment or wrong polarity selection.
(2) The photoelectric switch should be replaced by ground leakage or a short circuit between ends.
(3) When the feeding speed is lower than the feeding speed, it is necessary to relax the film laminating, check the performance of the feeding part and troubleshoot.
3. The stepping motor torque of the plastic bag making machine decreases obviously, and the bag-making size is inaccurate.
Solution: the stepper driver is faulty, or the connection part of the rubber roller and the stepper motor is blocked. Check and repair the stepping driver in time, connect the roller with the stepping motor.
4, bag making mechanism bag time electric tracking is not accurate.
Treatment methods:
(1) If the photoelectric eye adjustment method and working state are not selected correctly, they should be adjusted correctly according to the instructions.
(2) The error between the pre-adjusted film feeding length (when adjusting blank bag) and the actual bag-making size is too large, so the line-making length should be reset or the pressure should be adjusted and the device adjusted.
(3) The film resistance is too large or the quality of the previous process is poor, the material should be checked and replaced.
5. The discharging speed of the plastic bag making machine is low or the work is abnormal.
Treatment methods:
(1) If the eye position switch is not in good contact or the CAM Angle is not good, it should be adjusted or replaced.
(2) Discharge speed regulating circuit board SCR or rectifier breakdown, should be repaired or replaced.
Plastic bag making machine and its processing object, here we especially refer to the plastic film, have a mutual adaptation, that is to say, a Plastic bag making machine equipment can only process plastic film within a certain range of properties, we understand the nature of plastic film on the basis of three elements of bag-making, that is: Pressure, temperature, hot pressing time, plastic bag making machine in bag making (under the premise of ensuring hot pressing strength, relatively speaking) hot-pressing pressure to be large, hot pressing temperature to be low, hot pressing time to be long, after this treatment of composite bag hot pressing sealing is beautiful, beautiful, straight.